New Era Percussion

Turkey Day Battle


Every day New ERA Percussions always come energize and ready to compete. The photo above shows New Era Percussion performing at the Turkey Day Battle in Brooklyn New York, hosted by Brooklyn Unite  

March 4 Our Lives


  For a little over five years, the Hartford's Proud Drummers had unique opportunity to travel in and out of  the state of Connecticut. From performing at the Yard Goats opening game two years in a row to marching in the Climate Change March in Manhattan, New York these drummers has seen a lot in such a short period of time..  

Big Red Event


Hartford's Proud gives an award winning performance at the Greater Hartford Arts Council, Big Red event that was held at the Dunkin Donuts Ball Park.

Benefits of Drumming


 There are many benefits to drumming. Research reveal that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system. 

Drumming Reduce Stress


Music analyst conducted studies and experts in the fields of mental health show us that drumming: Reduces stress anxiety, tension, stress, and it stimulate the mind and helps control endless  pain.  

Strengthen Math & Science


 Studies disclosed  that engaging in percussion activities strengthens skills in math and science. Drumming teaches youngsters about material science and the science of sound. Drumming teaches scholars that sound penetrate through vibration.